Gardening Made Easy Ebook

Gardening Made Easy will help you learn the basics of gardening, and get your own garden started and ready for showing off, even if your thumb is far from green.

Dear Friend,

How many times have you promised yourself that you’d turn that extra space in the backyard into a garden? How many times have you looked out your window and wondered if this year was the year that you would finally have roses to enjoy?

Have you and your family ever wanted to grow your own vegetables, free of pesticides and high prices?

gardening made easy gardening ebook

Maybe you just haven’t had the right tools, so you’ve had troubles getting started or maintaining a garden that you have planted. Have you ever felt like you could be doing more or that what you’ve learned just wasn’t enough? Are you ready to take your gardening desires from dream into reality?

Well, the good news is that no matter how black you think your thumb is, Gardening Made Easy is going to change those garden daydreams and turn them into reality. Not only will you learn about the basics of gardening, but you’ll also learn specific tips on how to grow specialty plants and flowers.

If you’re ready to start planting and maintaining a lush garden, Gardening Made Easy is the guidebook that you’ve been searching for. No matter what you want to learn, I am going to give you the ‘tools’ to get started and the answers that you haven’t found.

At first, we’re going to go over the basics of gardening:

• Planting zones

• Mulch

• Watering guidelines

• Fertilizers

• Dead heading

And don’t worry if you don’t recognize any of these words, you’ll learn about them soon enough.

But that’s only the beginning.

Since gardening is more of a science in addition to being an art form, you’re going to need to learn about how plants grow and what they need to continue that growing cycle. Gardening Made Easy outlines the process of nurturing plants in simple terms that anyone can understand.

Maybe you’ve never touched a garden hoe or a bag of dirt in your life; that doesn’t matter. With Gardening Made Easy you’re going to be getting your hands deep into the earth with the confidence that you are planting for success.

But where do I begin?

You need to begin at the beginning and that means planning for your garden to grow.

In this book, you’ll learn about:

• Planning

• Preparation

• Planting

• Maintenance

• Insecticides

With these starting points, you’ll be able to create a garden that works with the space that you have as well as the goals that you want to achieve.

But you might have specific goals or ideas for your garden, so I’m going to go into detail about some of the most popular gardening trends in Gardening Made Easy

We’ll talk about:

• Organic gardening

o Organic fertilizers and compost

o Organic insecticides and pest control guidelines

• Vegetable Gardening

o What to plant – easy vegetables

o When to plant

o Sun exposure

o Watering

o Fertilizing

Many people are looking to create their own garden so they can grow herbs and vegetables – without the toxins some farmers use. Knowing where your food came from can be a gratifying thing – and this ebook will help you take pride in what’s on your plate.

But there’s still more!

However, some gardeners want to make the outside of their home look beautiful to those that visit, so I’m including plenty of tips and ideas for you to get started on beautifying your yard too.

Learn about:

• Flower gardening

• Annuals

• Perennials

• Bulbs, rhizomes, and tubers

• Rose gardening – planting and maintaining

• Tree gardening

• Xeriscape gardening

• Hydroponic gardening – without soil

The possibilities are endless when it comes to gardening, and so is the information.

But wait…what about the tools that I’ll need?

No worries there either. In “Gardening Made Easy,” we’re going to talk about the kinds of tools that you’ll need for basic gardening tasks as well as power gardening tools that can help make your life a little easier.

The truth is that many gardening books are written for those that already have the basics down pat – but for those that aren’t quite as green thumbed, you might need some extra guidance.

And that’s okay!

This book is filled with ideas and tips that are easy to follow, easy to understand, and most importantly EFFECTIVE.

But not everyone wants to head outdoors to garden, but I just couldn’t fit that information into my 49 page eBook, “Gardening Made Easy.”

So, if you order a copy of “Gardening Made Easy,” I’m going to include my special report called, “All You Need to Know on Indoor Gardening.”

This 12 page report includes information on:

• Basic lighting

• Specialty grow lighting and reflectors

• Watering

• Fertilizing

• Room temperature

• Choosing the right container

• Potting and repotting

• How to grow an indoor herb garden

• Warnings about household plants that can be poisonous

gardening made easy gardening ebook

I had so many ideas about how to bring your gardening inside, I just couldn’t fit them in Gardening Made Easy, but that doesn’t mean you should learn about indoor gardening too.

But what are you really getting?

When you order “Gardening Made Easy,” you’re getting a resource that will grow with you as you learn about how to properly plant and care for a variety of plants. You’re getting the tools that you need to get started on a lifetime of gardening.

Gardening is a relaxing hobby that can produce real, delicious results when done properly. From the scent of a rose in the morning to the crunch of a lettuce leaf that’s just come from the backyard – there’s nothing like working with the soil and seeing plants flourish.

But the best part of this eBook is that you don’t have to run out to the nearest book store to get it or order it online and wait ten to fourteen days for it to arrive. You can start reading this instantly – within minutes.

OK - How Much?

The Gardening Made Easy Ebook and Indoor Gardening Secrets Report is just:

£7.99 to instantly download; at the time of writing that equals around $12.75 US, 9.13 Euros or 16.25 Australian dollars.

This ebook can be paid for and instantly downloaded no matter where you are in the world or what time zone you are in

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gardening made easy gardening ebook

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