Garden Accents

So ... just exactly what are garden accents?

Garden accents are ANY garden accessory that is put into a gardening area as decoration or adornment. It can become YOUR personal signature on that specially created area of bloom.

These accents can be anything you wish to use to add your special touch to your garden areas. These special touches are what make your beautiful areas of bloom stand apart from others.

Garden Accents

Your accent can be the focal point of an area:

Your accent may be a hidden surprise that catches the eye upon closer viewing:

  • a garden gnome

  • a small critter statue; frog, bunny, etc.

  • an interesting garden sculpture or statue

  • garden faeries

Your accents can remain in one place or be moved around in your garden:

Garden ornaments can be replaced or moved around whenever you get an urge to have some variety and want to make a quick ‘n easy change to your garden areas:
  • stepping stones

  • garden/shepherd’s hooks

  • benches
You can turn an unsightly or uninteresting area into a beautiful area of bloom:
  • telephone pole

  • mailbox

  • tree

  • repaint that wrought iron table and chairs with lavender paint and set a garden statue like a snail or groundhog on the table.

You can take an unusual or routine item and turn it into a garden decoration easily:
  • an old wooden bucket with violas pouring out

  • a doll’s cast iron bed full of groundcover/violas/pansies

  • a teapot or old boot with sedum spilling out

  • colored bowling balls atop a bird feeder stand or atop an unused pot stand
Now's the time to let your imagination and creativity flow in accenting your beautiful garden areas with YOUR special gardening signature!

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